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My name is Grace Noble, a warm welcome to my website. I farm Highland cattle in the beautiful Scottish countryside of Deeside Aberdeenshire , own and run Aberdeenshire Highland cattle.

I am a working mother of 2 teenage children, born and brought up in a small Scottish west coast island where, in my early years was introduced to farming and always admired the iconic Scottish Highland cow.

I studied at Strathclyde University in Glasgow - made a career in Environmental Health and eventually in 2012 Aberdeenshire Highland Cattle was born.

‎Our Highland Cattle winter out on the hills of the Cairn O' Mount, they happily live outdoors all winter withstanding the wildest of Scottish winter weather, including snow storms, harsh wind and rain and take advantage of natural shelter amoungst the native Scot's pine woodlands. They forage on an abundance of mixed grasses, flowers, heather and trees. There habitat couldn't be more idyllic for this majestic native breed. Clear running burns providing their drinking water with fresh unpolluted air and pasture, giving them as healthy a lifestyle as nature intended.

We supplement their diet with our own harvested silage and minerals to ensure any minerals that may be deficient in the ground is provided, keeping them in top health condition.

Draft, a natural bi-product from the Banchory Deeside brewery is also offered to steers and heifers reaching maturity for beef production, which enables the carcass to finish off the fleshing process to a prime standard in the last 6 weeks of it's lifetime.

We bring our cows down to the lower farm land in Banchory for their bi-annual health checks, thus enabling us to keep an extra close eye during spring and early autumn calving periods.

All my beef cattle are born here. I also source locally from the Balmoral fold the Queens own Scottish fold just 28 miles away from the farm.

Aberdeenshire Highland Cattle offer complete transparency in how we farm, rear our cattle and how our beef is produced.

‎Research has shown that an extremely high percentage of beef sold into the food chain may come from industrialised processes, and from companies that probably don't want you to know how it reaches you and where it is from.

So come and 'join the herd' at my farm! Come and see for yourself how we look after our cattle, how they are raised and learn about our farming methods. Aberdeenshire Highland cattle are all 100% pure genetic breed and bloodline of each cow is tracable from birth through to maturity.

We have our own butchery and knowing how the meat is cut and prepared is worthy of your customer attention.

My cattle are 100% genetically pure Highland Beef and farmed in such a natural way that Aberdeenshire Highland Cattle are a delicacy, liking to a dram of a pure Scottish malt whisk.

The beef is delicious - lean, healthy, nutritious. One of our restaurant customers in London ‎on seeing his beef hanging in the butchery said 'I can almost smell the taste'.

Japanese Kobi beef, the jewel in the crown, known as the best beef in the world, 100 percent genetic blood lines. Wagyu and Aberdeen Angus are superior breeds producing first class tracable beef.

We feel at Aberdeenshire highland cattle with our transparency in both our farming methods and tracable blood lines, with the lean healthy meat and taste, our beef is truly special and available now for consumers who feel just as passionate as I about dinning on premium quality beef.

So come and ' join our herd today' call me on my mobile as I am usually out and about on the farm, I am happy to discuss your order requests, delivery enquiries or to arrange a farm visit.

Telephone me on 07585007594



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- Smiths of Smithfield, London

- Jack's Steakhouse, Aberdeen
- Trump International Golf Club Dunes Restaurant, Aberdeen
- The Chester Hotel, Aberdeen
- Rothesay Rooms, Ballater
- The Falls of Feugh, Banchory
- Potarch Restaurant and Cafe
- Cowshed Restaurant, Banchory
- The Marine Hotel, Stonehaven
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"It is vital for me to be able to provide my customers quality beef with provenance. With every delivery, Aberdeenshire Highland Beef provide this consistent quality we require. We love the flavour and quality of these grass fed cattle that also get fed brewery draftfrom your neighbours at Deeside Brewery (that can be enjoyed at our restaurant to complement the beef). When I visited Grace's farm it was great to see for myself the cattle living a natural healthy outdoor lifestyle..."

Guy Fenton - Head Chef, Rothesay Rooms Restaurant
North East of Scotland Restaurant of the year 2017



"Grace is so passionate about her Highland Cattle, she evencalls them her boys - this shines through in he quality of the product. Grace hangs the small broken down joints to mature and develop the Highland beef and varies the time depending on the cut. The highland beef has depth and a complex flavour that has come from the slow ageing and natural organic grazing land of the Cairn O' Mount. Why not try Aberdeenshire Highland Beef for youself and you will found out how exceptional it is!..."

Graham Buchan - Chef / Director, The Cow Shed




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